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The Best Vacuum Cleaners to Keep Your Homes Clean In The UAE

These days, vacuum cleaners have become a necessity in every household considering the steadily increasing level of dust, dirt and pollution. However, with lots of different products having all possible bells and whistles, it often becomes difficult to buy an appliance that caters to your needs perfectly. If you’re looking to buy a vacuum cleaner but are unsure about the factors that you need to consider, just continue reading to make an informed buying decision.

Tips to choose the right vacuum cleaner

While you can find a wide range of different vacuum cleaners having exciting features, you must ensure that your chosen product perfectly fits your cleaning needs. Here’re the essential buying tips that you need to consider.

  • Purpose of the vacuum: Some people use a vacuum cleaner to clean their entire house while others need it to clean the floors and carpets only. If you’ve got lots of stairs and bare floors in the house, a canister vacuum should serve you well. If your main objective is to deep-clean carpets, an upright vacuum is what you need to buy. In case you want to clean tricky areas such as the car’s interior and sofa upholstery, a handheld vacuum could be highly useful. While a robotic vacuum cleaner lets you have the cleaning work done while you relax, it may not be able to match the level of deep cleaning offered by a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum. Finally, if you want to clean the bathrooms as well, go for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Tools: The majority of vacuum cleaners have a basic floor-cleaning head that can either be used to clean all kinds of floors or adjusted when switching floors. If you’ve got pets, it’d be wise to buy a vacuum having powered turbo brushes or spinning brush bars to remove pet hair.
  • Filter: While different kinds of filters are used in vacuum cleaners, you should buy one having a HEPA filter if somebody at your home has breathing problems or allergies.
  • Bagged vs. bagless: Bagged vacuum cleaners tend to come with a bigger capacity than bagless ones. However, you’d need to purchase replacement dust bags, which would be an ongoing expense. You don’t need to buy replacement bags when using a bagless appliance but these usually have a lower dust capacity and you must empty them regularly.
  • Usability: When it comes to ease of use, there’re several factors that you need to consider. If you need to carry the vacuum a lot, buy a lightweight model. In case a corded model is what you prefer, be sure to check the length of the cord. If you have a baby in the house, buy a vacuum with a lower noise level.

Tips to maintain your vacuum cleaner

Proper maintenance is a must to make sure your vacuum cleaner works optimally and for a long time. There’re some kinds of dust such as sawdust and ash that you should clean using a brush or a dustpan instead of a vacuum. Check the vacuum brush roll regularly and if it is clogged, wash it with detergent and warm water, and let it dry fully. Replace the dust bag regularly to help it work smoothly and to maintain the vacuum’s suction power. If you’re using a bagless vacuum cleaner, there might be an indicator that will let you know when you need to empty the bag. However, it’s advisable to empty it after each use. Be sure to clean the washable filter thoroughly to remove clumps of dust. If a vacuum does not clean an area even after going over it several times, inspect the belt visually and if you find that it has become frayed or stretched, replace it.

Now that you are informed about buying and care, take a look at some of the best vacuum cleaners suitable for any home:

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