WOW DÉCOR is the leading provider of custom made furniture and personalized decor services.
We specialize in services such as Art Printing – to help you customize, print and install the artwork of your choice or your favorite family portrait; Wall Paper Printing – to let you make a statement in every room with a theme of your choice; Designer Partition – to increase aesthetics and bring more privacy and flow into your space; and Custom-Made Tables – to allow you to meet a particular space/design need that is not being met by regular tables available in the market.

We offer custom made closets and Shelving units for living room, bedroom, workspace and storage
areas optimizing every square foot of your space. Custom made Vanity units are a unique service for our customers looking to design a bespoke bathroom vanity unit. We use wood, marble, quartz, and Corian to make our vanity units. Our custom-made TV and media units are designed to fit perfectly into the available space and aesthetics of the interiors. We make both conventional and contemporary units with a variety of materials like wood, MDF, a combination of wood & steel and a combination of wood & metal.

Our team of Interior Designing experts understand your requirements during the consultation phase and
decide on how to go about planning and executing the project within the desired time frame. We have high end machinery that helps complete each project with finesse. Rest assured, because our skilled installation team ensures that what you envisioned for your home or office is accomplished in the best manner possible at the best price.

Custom Made Tables

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Custom Made Closets and Shelving Units

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Custom Made TV and Media Units

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Custom-made Vanity Units

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Wallpaper Printing

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Art Printing

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Wow Décor provides unique solutions to personalise all of our services to fit every client we serve.
Our diverse clientele from UAE has always turned up to us to find the best professionals for their home and office decor solutions.
We take pride in making decor solutions online and hassle-free with clear communication, quotes and quality
in every touch. Want to talk about a project? Get in touch with us now..

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