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The Best Mid-Range Refrigerators That You Can Buy in The UAE

Buying a refrigerator in the UAE can be a daunting task. As multiple brands and products with different features are available in the market, making a choice can seem confusing. Before you make your buying decision, you need to know a few things and we are here to help you.

Tips to choose mid-range refrigerators

Consider these when buying your refrigerator:

  • Model: If you need greater flexibility in your kitchen, a freestanding model would be ideal, while a built-in fridge would suit more if you prefer a seamless aesthetic.
  • Size: You’ll need to consider your kitchen’s dimensions to choose a standard fridge (60 cm wide), an XL version (usually with a width of 70 cm and above), or an XXL fridge-freezer (that’s much wider and deeper than the standard size).
  • Design: From the colour and exterior finish of your refrigerator to the design (double door, fridge-freezer combination, etc.), you’ll need to decide what kind of kitchen statement you want your refrigerator to make.
  • Storage capacity: Your chosen refrigerator should offer you adequate space to meet your food storage needs. Usually, a two-person household can do with a 150-litre fridge, a three-person household with a 200-litre one, etc. You can add 50 litres for every additional person in the home.
  • Shelves and interior layout: Your grocery shopping and eating habits will decide the type of shelving options and interior layout your refrigerator should have. For instance, if you tend to store vegetables and fruits for long, you should buy a fridge with a large storage compartment to keep the ingredients fresh for long. In case you consume frozen foods, a fridge-freezer that has a large freezer compartment is ideal.
  • Energy-efficiency: Choosing an energy-efficient model will reduce your electricity consumption and utility bills apart from reducing your fridge’s environmental impact. So, look for energy star ratings, ESMA certification, and LED lighting, among others.

Taking care of your refrigerators

Dusty condenser coils make your refrigerator work harder to cool the ingredients and even reduce its lifespan. So, use a vacuum or light duster to remove any dust that’s stuck to the coils once every 3 months. Do it more often if you have pets. Also, ensure your refrigerator’s temperature is set correctly. Check the door seals from time to time as they help lock the cool air inside. If they’re loose or have cracks, get them changed immediately. Above all, stick to a regular servicing schedule with a certified professional to ensure your refrigerator functions optimally and serves you for long.

To make your job easier, our team has researched and listed some of the top mid-range refrigerators to buy in the UAE. Take a look:

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