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Best Westpoint Washing Machines In UAE

It has its headquarters in New York City and is a supplier of home products and fashion items. The goal of the company is to be the preferred supplier of all home appliances. The idea is to blend innovation with creativity to produce a range of products designed as per customer needs.

Westpoint Washing Machine

Westpoint Washing Machine

You get a full line of front and top loading washing machines equipped with features that meet the required washing standards globally. Take for instance the front loading machines, which come with a luxurious appearance that makes up large space for huge wash loads. Also, it helps in the disposable washing of mass clothes.

You may enjoy the advantages of preset function for washing clothes at any time without having to worry about attending to them in between. On the other hand, the top loading machine helps automatically recognize the out-of-balance condition, especially during the laundry process. Also, you can rearrange the clothes for a normal washing process. The machines help prevent lint build-up inside the laundry tub and also keep lint off your clothes.

Check out the twin tub machines as built by the company that has a unique cover design. The inner wind cycle technology helps absorb all the water from the clothes and drain them off easily. There is a big impeller that prevents clothes from getting tangled up so that you feel easy to lift them from the machine.

Take for example the machine with module number WM1560 that is a front loading type. The features include 600 rpm spin speed, fully electronic control system, 220/240 v and weighs 5 kg. This laundry machine is great for managing a good amount of wash load with pre set timing features.


A range of brands sells their top-quality home appliance products on this website. It becomes easy to do shopping when you get a glimpse at the same product sold by different brands. This gives you insight into the details of each machine and why two machines differ. Besides, it becomes easy for you to analyze the price and whether a particular brand is charging the right amount when compared to another brand.

Having said that, it is worth mentioning that it is a one-stop platform where you get a combination of home appliances sold by popular brands belonging from across the globe like Toshiba, Haier, LG, Beko, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Nikai, Indesit, Frigidaire, Bompani, Hoover, Ariston, Samsung, etc. Therefore, when shopping for the perfect washing machine particularly in the UAE market, come to this website that gives more information that you could expect.

Relevance and Other Information of the Brand Westpoint in Dubai, UAE Market

It may not be a hugely popular brand, but it has a strong market presence in UAE. The two most popular machines, WMF812114 loading washing machine, and WMW61013SER are priced at AED 1,299 and AED 699, respectively.  These are reliable when it comes to a time-saving laundry.

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