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Best Westpoint Cooking Ranges In UAE

Being a relatively very old brand from France, especially when its establishment was in the year 1866 from the town of Bordeaux of France, it has a very slow but firm approach in this era of globalization. Whichever market it has set foot in, which is not vast like other brands; still it has been able to capture a large chunk of the market because of its products true durability and cosmetics. So if you are looking for a brand which is truly dedicated to its products then this should be your go to brand.


Westpoint Cooking Range

Everybody nowadays is designing their kitchen into modular kitchen with clean aesthetics to save time and energy while cooking awesome foods. Every factory goes for an up-gradation sometime or the other, to facilitate smoothness in the flow of production. Why not your kitchen? It is also your very own place of production on a daily basis. Hence, most definitely it needs an up gradation, and which can be better than a cooking range product.

These models are user-friendly. While model number WCLM6640G6IG features 4 burners for professional cooking, WCER-5604E can perfectly fit into any size of kitchen due to its ample cooking space.

Westpoint 5 Gas Burners Cooker WCA9650GOX

A compact cooking solution for all your mealtime needs, the Westpoint 5 Gas Burners Cooker (WCA9650GOX) combines the timeworn efficiency of gas cooking with modern technology that guarantees safety. The cooker is a solid stainless steel frame which can stand by itself and requires zero additional support. With an auto-ignition system supported by knob control, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the cooker will allow you to be as energy efficient as needed. Among its other enviable features are a dish warmer compartment, a cast iron grid, its glass top lid, a chicken rotisserie and even a mechanical timer, all of which make this oven the one and only thing you will ever need in your kitchen.

Westpoint Cooker WCER6604E4

Not only is the Westpoint Cooker (WCER6604E4) extremely compact, it combines its great looks with ease of use, which makes it one of the top favourites for homeowners. With a capacity of 62 litres, the cooker is a dependable appliance to take care of your everyday meals. With four hot plate tops which come with their own protective covering, this addition to your kitchen is also entirely safe. Its white exterior which is remarkably easy to clean is offset by the attractive black glass door of the oven. What’s more, the cost of setting up such a cooker is absolutely nothing thanks to the fact that it can stand on its own and does not need to be drilled to the wall.

Westpoint 90×60 cm 5 Burners Gas Cooker (90×60 cm 5 Burners Gas Cooker)

There are ovens for baking and there are cookers for making meals but the Westpoint 90×60 cm 5 Burners Gas Cooker (90×60 cm 5 Burners Gas Cooker) is the best of both worlds. A meeting place of many innovative technologies, all seeking to give you the best cooking experience possible, the five gas burner oven comes with an auto-ignition set-up. What’s more, behind its glass doors is a two oven system with a capacity of 110 litres that will make it possible for you to cook any meal you want, any way you want. The cooker also comes with an attractive brand warranty for one year.


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Relevance and Other Information of the Brand Westpoint in Dubai, UAE Market

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