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Best Tecnogas Cooking Ranges In UAE

This brand came into existence in a small workshop by two brothers who were still in their twenties, namely the Contini brothers, at the banks of PO River in Italy nearly 60 years back. Their innovation paved the way for the world to get our modern cookers. It still maintains its Head Office in the small town of Gualtieri RE, Italy.

Tecnogas Cooking Range

In UAE market it has few products but those products are incomparable to any other brand. Equipped with the patented cool door technology and eyesight pleasing aesthetics, it stands out from any other products.

PS1X12G6VC is one of the best products as it has whopping 200 liters oven, 6 burners, analog watch timer, fueled by a gas including gas grill while it is free standing for heavy duty use as well as light cooking, it will save time and effort.

P3X96E5VC is also another product that its makers take pride in. with 5 burners and unique safety features like installation of a thermocouple which instantly shuts gas flow as it is installed uniquely where it can detect pilot flame and if the flame stops when the knob is still on then it shuts down the gas flow completely hence preventing any undue mishaps. Moreover, the glass of the grill can be detached so that the cleaning can be perfect.


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Relevance and Other Information of the Brand Tecnogas in Dubai, UAE Market

From the house which paved the way in innovation of modern day cooking range, it has definitely has taken the world market by storm and in Dubai and UAE market. Not just that! The company has established itself as the most sought after brand with products like P3X96E5VC, N1X96EVTC, and C3X96G5VE. In case you are looking for some looking for some reliable and user-friendly appliances, consider this name.


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