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Best Samsung Refrigerators in UAE

Samsung – The Brand

Founded by Lee Byung-chull in 1938, Samsung is considered as one of the trustworthy brands so far as choosing home appliances is concerned. The South Korean company is headquartered in Seoul, which is commonly known as Samsung Town. Starting from air conditioners to washing machines, the brand has everything available for customers.

Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung Refrigerators

With Samsung refrigerators, consumers can ensure preserving several food materials from getting spoiled. The brand keeps in mind the basic requirements of a household and hence it accordingly manufactures its home appliances. There are wide varieties of refrigerators that Samsung has introduced. Samsung refrigerators come as single door fridge, double door fridge, triple door fridge, deep freezers, and side-by-side door refrigerators.

These days, the living spaces are getting narrower. Samsung’s single door refrigerators have been designed to make sure consumers having lesser space for the appliance can also accommodate the same effortlessly. Normally, people get a very small space for refrigerators in their kitchens or dining areas. In short, Samsung takes very good care of the requirements of its consumers and manufacture products that suit consumers with different demands.

So far as the price of the Samsung refrigerators is concerned, it is seen that the cost is kept quite affordable for people belonging to different economic status. The brand ensures its customers can buy the desirable fridge based on their budget.

Samsung 25 Cubic Feet Freezer on Top Refrigerator RT72K6360SP

If you are a serious chef who knows what you will cook quite a few days in advance and like to be prepared for it, then the Samsung 25 Cubic Feet Freezer on Top Refrigerator (RT72K6360SP) is for you. With a capacity of 720 litres, the 1785 mm tall refrigerator is a dependable addition to your kitchen, capable of storing huge amounts of food while keeping it fresh. Stored food is preserved with technology that allows cold air to blow in from all sides, keeping even those foods prone to spoiling fresh for longer than you would expect. The digital inverter compressor helps to keep the machine silent while it does the work for you on an extended lifespan, consuming far less power than competitors.

Samsung 420 Litres Freezer on Top Refrigerator RT42K5110SP

The Samsung 420 Litres Freezer on Top Refrigerator (RT42K5110SP) is not just a sight to behold with its stainless platinum wash, it also cools your food faster than any other refrigerator in sight. At 1,1715 mm, it can take in all your week’s produce and keep it fresh, ensuring that its tell-tale odour does not spread. Along with an anti-bacterial protection system in place, the appliance boasts of a Twin Cooling Plus function, both of which combine to assure that food is kept preserved behind the refrigerator at all seasons. The true hero of the refrigerator, however, and one that can make it a sure hit among the kids in the house, is its Power Cool technology, thanks to which your beverages will be chilled in no time at all!

Samsung 750 Litres Freezer on Top Refrigerator RT75K6540SL

If you are ever on the lookout for a kitchen hand that is energy efficient, healthy and capable of churning out ice-creams by the dozen, then don’t worry about buying three separate freezers and instead opt for the Samsung 750 Litres Freezer on Top Refrigerator (RT75K6540SL). Not only will it hold all of your food in its 750-litres of cavernous space, the machine comes with its own Twin Cooling, Power Cool, and Power Freeze features, each of which ensures that food that is placed in the fridge for cooling, is cold in absolutely no time. With its snug measurements (790 mm x 1860 mm) this is a great fit for both small houses and even offices. What’s more, its digital inverter will keep power consumption to a minimum!

Samsung 850 Litres Twin cooling Top Mount Refrigerator RT85K7110SL

Not only is the Samsung 850 Litres Twin cooling Top Mount Refrigerator (RT85K7110SL), the kitchen essential to have. It also comes with its own water dispenser, thanks to which you are officially in no need of buying another appliance for the purpose. In addition to maintaining high levels of hygiene and keeping food odour free, its activated carbon filter makes sure that your food is fresh for the longest time possible. The additional Power Cool, and Power Freeze technologies make sure you have a fast cooling and freezing option at your disposal. An added treat is the detachable deli tray to store your treats and freshly prepared dishes in. The one-stop solution for food and water needs, this refrigerator is energy efficient and minimizes noise as well.

Samsung 680 Litre Side by Side Refrigerator RS554NRUA9M-AE

If you value a great looking and extremely efficient refrigerator, then the Samsung 680 Litre Side by Side Refrigerator (RS554NRUA9M-AE) is the one for you. With an option of a black or wine exterior and an LED display, the smart, ergonomic and efficient design of the refrigerator will make sure that you never compromise on the counts that matter most to your kitchen. Features of this refrigerator include its very own beverage station so you can make your own juices easily, a clear-view ice-makers for water freezing that never looked so good, a cool select zone for fast and topical cooling like never before, and a no frost build that makes sure you are not left scraping out the icy build-up. All this and more, in addition to 680 litres of storage space — is that not an appliance to grab?


WOWLYST.COM features a wide variety of Samsung refrigerators and helps customers to have a closer look at different models and then decide which one to choose. There are various factors that determine the choice of the refrigerators. The size, the space requirement, budget, and many other parameters affect the preference of consumers.

With WOWLYST.COM, consumers can evaluate different factors and then make an intelligent decision. The website makes an effort to explain the purpose of the product and the way it functions to make it easier for consumers to choose one among so many Samsung refrigerators. On the website, you will come across similar models and their prices on different online stores across Dubai, UAE. This can help you compare the costs and thereby decide on the sites from where you can purchase your Samsung refrigerator.

Relevance and Other Information of the Brand Samsung in Dubai, UAE Market

Besides ruling the rest of the world, Samsung occupies a special position in the hearts of the UAE people. Dubai is the hub of online stores that sell Samsung refrigerators. The Dubai home appliance market trusts the brand and hence features every possible model of the refrigerators manufactured by the South Korean brand. As soon as WOWLYST.COM gives you an idea of which product you need to choose, you can refer to the concerned online store based on your requirement and purchase the same.

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