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Best Panasonic Washing Machines In UAE

Formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation. With its headquarters in Osaka, Japan, the company has grown larger over the years starting with producing light bulb socket and now manufacturing electronics products.

Panasonic Washing Machine

Panasonic Washing Machine

Panasonic produces a wide range of world-class washing machines. The options available in the washing machine models include fully automatic (front load), fully automatic (top load) and semi-automatic. The capacity varies from 5.5kg to 14 kg and everything in between.

Built with European standard and 15-minute quick wash, the machines ensure cleansing of dirt, yet retaining the texture of your clothes. ‘’Sazanami Drum’’ is a special feature that ensures dimple-shaped water sprouts that are ideal for removing dirt from your clothes.

The Sazanami designed inner surface of the machines ensures minimal damage to your clothes with maximum efficient spin drying. Each machine is engineered for smooth water flow, supporting spin-cycle efficiency. The small spin-dry holes created inside prevent clothes from snagging.

Another most notable features of Panasonic washing machines are the ‘’Strong beat water action’’ that allows pulling out dirt from fibers, while the feature ‘’Eco Aquabeat’’ agitation prevents the same dirt from getting attached to your clothes. ‘’New Aqua Spin Rinse’’ reduces any wastage of water by comparing the water volume required for the capacity of clothes.

There are many advantages of original Panasonic Foam Wash that not just ensures cleaning but the protection of fabrics. Its special approach of quick reverse rotation and pulsator assures quick and thorough cleaning.


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You can learn about Panasonic most wonderful features like dancing water flow, Foam Wash technology, auto power off, and a lot more features in the washing machines. Besides, you can locate the most popular models of Panasonic on WOWLYST.COM. Buy the best washing machine in UAE from online stores like Sharaf DG.com, Carrefour, Jadopado, etc. Before you buy check through the prices and make sure that you buy a Panasonic washing machine that suits your pocket.

Relevance and Other Information of the Brand Panasonic in Dubai, UAE Market

Panasonic washing machines in UAE provide A+++ rating. Some of the most recognized and widely accepted models are given the best return for your money. You can see the price that ranges from AED 999 to AED 1,980. After comparing the prices, you can determine whether it is the best buy for you.

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