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Best Hitachi Washing Machines In UAE

Hitachi Ltd., the parent company of Hitachi Group is a Japanese multinational conglomerate company that operates eleven business segments. The company was ranked 38th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2012. The company produces products like electronics, industrial machinery, automotive components materials, construction equipment, etc.

Hitachi Washing Machine

HItachi Washing Machines

Hitachi washing machines are known for their innovative features and attractive display. The company is known for their advanced technology, precisely designed and used for the manufacturing of home appliances like washing machines.

A special feature like Auto Self Clean allows removing mold growth from the inside and outside of the stainless steel tub. The mechanisms that work effectively for removing dirt from clothes include ‘’Shower’’, ‘’Strong water flow’’ and ‘’New spin hole layout’’ that function together to cleanse dirt from the deep layers.

The Hitachi machine comes with a dirt-resistant drain hose that is treated with the antibacterial agent. Wind iron feature induces high-speed wind for discarding water through the new drain hose. Besides, Wind Iron technology removes wrinkles after the process of washing and drying. This means that you can wear clothes directly out of the drum without ironing them. Another added feature High-speed Airflow which flows at 300 km/hr stretches out any remaining creases.

It is important for your clothes to get completely soaked in detergent. Hitachi’s ‘’Wide Circulation Shower’’ feature allows detergent to be sprayed evenly across the tub. The 3D Sensor Control Wash maximizes beat washing effect, the amount of water used for the washing purpose and the drum rotation speed. The sensors help in detecting adjusting and type and laundry size.

Hitachi Washing Machine – White (PS1100LS)

Everyone knows that doing laundry can be a chore. But thanks to the Hitachi Washing Machine – White (PS1100LS) you know that your work, at least, will be done. The 11 kg, double tub semiautomatic cleaning system is designed to perfection. It looks good and utilises the latest technology to offer you the best laundry option on a budget. Its air jet dry technology comes with nano titanium that helps your clothes remain free of odour-causing molecules. The machine is made of high-quality plastic which is safe for any home. With rounded edges, the machine offers no hazards. Its perfect white exterior is complemented by the clear blue of the console and soak timer.

Hitachi Top Load 10 KG Fully Automatic Washing Machine SF120XA3CGXCOG

With advantages galore, the Hitachi Top Load 10 KG Fully automatic Washing Machine (SF120XA3CGXCOG) is one of the most popular options for a householder to opt for when it comes to choosing a washing machine. Armed with advanced technological features, the machine is nonetheless extremely simple to use and ensures your clothes remain in great shape afterwards. Its 10 kg capacity means fewer laundry cycles, and with a unique Shower Plus feature, the machine allows you to use more water for a wash. The machine is time efficient and can remember your wash settings with its memory feature, cutting into the amount of time you spend on laundry. With its eco-sensor, the machine also detects the time and water it would actually require for the fabric and load. Not only is it convenient but to also complete the story, it is self-cleaning!

The Hitachi Washing Machine 16 Kg Top Load White PS1605SJ

The Hitachi Washing Machine 16 Kg Top Load White PS1605SJ is your entry into the world of effective and superior laundry. With a superhuman capacity of 16 kg, the machine allows you to get a week’s worth of laundry done at once. The top loading system makes putting clothes into and taking them out of the machine as uncomplicated as possible. The system is armed with a twin tube channel which also helps dry your clothes quickly. The controls on the machine are easily accessible and understandable, combining simplicity with efficiency. The machine may be powerful but it is also easy on the garments it washes, helping preserve their shape and colour.

Hitachi Washing Machine 14 Kg Top Load White (PS-1405SJ DGR)

Milky white, compact, incredibly snazzy to look at but at the same time a powerhouse of efficiency, the Hitachi Washing Machine 14 Kg Top Load White (PS-1405SJ DGR) is the cleaning solution your clothes had been waiting for. With a significantly huge capacity of 14 kg, the machine is a marvel at preserving the original colour and make of garments. With control panels offset by a clear blue on the white exterior, the washing machine is easy to use and combines the simplicity of technology with the solid benefits of a good washing system. The machine can tackle severely dirty garments, as well as irritating stains, and render clothes good as new in a matter of a single wash.


You should check out the various brands as offered by the online stores in UAE. These stores present the different types of washing machines with specifications and prices. The website allows you to compare the prices of the different Hitachi models and also the same models against other washing machines from other brands.

WOWLYST.COM include online retailers in UAE like Jumbo.com, Souq.com, Jadopado, etc., that display the same Hitachi model at various prices. Thus, by looking at the price range you may decide which should be your best buy.

Relevance and Other Information of the Brand Hitachi in Dubai, UAE Market

Hitachi washing machine has been tested which shows results of germ reduction rate at 99%. The machines have been tested by Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science and have been given the confirmation on being able to effectively remove mold growth. At WOWLYST.COM, it offers the best place where you can easily compare the various Hitachi washing machine prices on the leading online stores in UAE. This gives you the right power to choose a machine of your choice.

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