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Best Hitachi Refrigerators in UAE

Hitachi – The Brand

It is a Japanese brand that is involved in manufacturing various products and services for consumers worldwide. The brand is known for offering most affordable and durable electronic appliances for your household.

Hitachi Refrigerators

Hitachi Refrigerators

Its refrigerators are perfect examples of the type of user-friendly appliances that the brand has been offering its consumers for long.  They are technologically sound with extraordinary features that can help consumer keep the food fresh for a longer time. These refrigerators come in various shapes and forms with all models having unique technology. Some of the models include features such as:

Made in Japan (MIJ)

These models come with a Fress Cassette that offers Wasabi Essence. This technology enhances the efficiency in controlling odors and preserving food to the maximum level. LED light has Photocatalyst Preservation system installed for the vacuum compartment. In MIJs, carbon dioxide generation is thrice more compared to other refrigeration systems in the market that in turn keeps the food fresher for longer thereby preserving the nutrients in them.

Side by Side

The side-by-side Hitachi refrigerators come with combined feature of Inverter Compressor and Dual Fan Cooling. These models are energy-optimized and hence offer effective food and beverage cooling.

Big French Series

It comes with a wide and super-spacious interior that offers good storage capacity with Smart and One-Touch Operation.

French Bottom Freezer Series

The smart extendable vegetable compartment makes these models unique. The feature allows quick and easy access to food items stored in the system.

Other Models

Some other models that the brand offers include Super Big 2 Series with Selectable Mode Compartment Layout, Big 2 Series with Touch Screen Controller with Ice-Trays and Double-Deck Vegetable Storage, and Slim Line refrigerator with Eco-Thermo Sensor controlled by the microcomputer to name a few.

Take for example the R-T 240 which is the brand’s stylish line series. It comes with convertible compartment allowing one to switch between Chiller mode and Vegetable mode cooling.  The big convertible vegetable compartment gives more storage space. Its Smart sensor operation ensures smart energy saving.

Hitachi 410 Litre French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – RBG410PUK6GBK

Hitachi RBG410PUK6GBK Refrigerator is a great option to keep your food items fresh and tasty. It is a two-door refrigerator that comes in a 410 Liter capacity storage option. It also has a handy medium-size space for storing 0.5L bottles and a large freezer to store large frozen food. There is a vegetable compartment that ensures indirect cooling to sustain the optimum moisture level for vegetables. High humidity can be reached by approx. 90%. It features tempered glass shelves which are scratch and spill proof and also heat resistant. Other features include Inverter Compressor, Dual Fan, Nano Titanium, Selectable Mode Compartment, Adjustable Shelves, Slide Out Shelf (Ref), Bottle and Wine Shelf, LED Light, Hybrid Freezing, and Ice Tray. This refrigerator is fitted with a Nano Titanium channel in which air passing through it flows to each compartment and gets loaded with fresh and revitalizing air. Additionally, there’s no exchange of smells from compartments.

Hitachi 660 Litre Big French Door Refrigerator – RW660PUK3GBK

Hitachi RW660PUK3GBK Refrigerator will be of great value in your kitchen. A standout feature of this refrigerator is the Inverter X dual fan cooling technology. It combines two energy efficient technologies- inverter compressor controls the cooling power and dual fan cooling controls how much and to which compartment chilled air is delivered. This enables you to store vegetables and dairy products without worrying about temperature variation. This refrigerator also consumes minimal electricity thanks to microcomputer control. It has a large storage space with a 660L capacity which is large enough for not having to worry about space anytime. Another feature to mention is the Quick Freezing mode to make ice quickly while preserving the nutrients of fish or meat. The design is also great with a bold black finish, bright LED lights installed in both the compartments, tempered glass shelves, and LED control panel that lets users change the refrigerator settings.

Hitachi 440 Litre Double Door Top Mount Refrigerator – RV440PUK3KSLS

One of the best in the market. Hitachi RV440PUK3KSLS Refrigerator has a capacity of 440 litres which facilitates ample storage space. Altogether this appliance is designed intelligently. It is engineered with perfection to function smoothly on less electricity consumption. It is designed in a way to maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator even after power cuts. The inverter control system which generates cool air and disperses it to each compartment and freezer independently for cooling efficiency. Moreover, there is a smart control dial integrated into the refrigerator to easily adjust settings. Another interesting feature is the Nano Titanium filter intended to prevent the transfer of odour through the compartment and to keep it clean. The refrigerator is designed to be elegant: silver finish and tempered glass shelves.

Hitachi 720 Litre Big French Door Refrigerator – RW720PUK1GBK

Upgrade your kitchen with Hitachi RV440PUK3KSLS Refrigerator. This Hitachi Big French Door Refrigerator is equipped with Inverter X dual fan cooling technology. The dual fan technology allows separate temperature control of the freezer and fridge. The 720L capacity which is pretty big will be more than enough for a large joint family or maybe if you want to store a large amount of food. It has an LED digital control panel installed on the refrigerator to access functionalities and features. It allows you to adjust temperatures and has features like Quick Freezing mode to preserve the nutrients of food, Energy Saving mode to reduce electricity consumption, Child Lock to keep your refrigerator out of bounds for children.

Hitachi 410 Litre Double Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – RBG410PUK6GS

Keep your food fresh always in Hitachi RBG410PUK6GS Double Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. This Hitachi 410L refrigerator offers a decent amount of storage space and functionality to keep plenty of food. The bottom freezer has a deep case to store large-sized frozen foods. The vegetable compartment ensures indirect cooling to maintain optimum moisture level to keep vegetables fresh for a long time. This refrigerator has adjustable door pockets so that you can change the layout based on the items you want to store. The Nano Titanium filter ensures that your refrigerator has clean air at each compartment. The refrigerator has a glass silver finish, energy-saving LED light and tempered glass shelves. It uses an inverter compressor that ensures powerful cooling. It is capable of providing efficient low power cooling with the help of Eco Thermosensor.


WOWLYST.COM acts as the best guide for you. The website lists down the features that each of the models of these refrigerators offers. The technologies used are also briefly explained to let you know how the system will work for you. Plus, the prices of the products are also provided on the website. This will help you to decide on the models to be chosen based on your budgetary requirements.

The Relevance and Other Information of Hitachi in Dubai, UAE market

In the UAE, it is the most prominent brand that grabs the trustworthiness in the market. The refrigerators in this region are varied in range and designs, which allows users to buy the one with best features at affordable rates. A few popular models by this brand in this market areR-WB550, R-T240 and R-V910.  The models are mostly available in white and silver shades and in various sizes.

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