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Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners To Keep Your Home Clean And Bright

With increasing amounts of microscopic dust particles, it has become essential for every home to have a good vacuum cleaner. As the one size fits all philosophy doesn’t work here, the key question remains as “how to buy the right one?” To guide your buying efforts in the right direction, we’ve scoured the Internet and handpicked the six best handheld vacuum cleaners available in the UAE. But before you dive into the products, we highly recommend reading the following buying guide and maintenance tips.

Tips to choose vacuum cleaners

Considering the following aspects before buying a vacuum cleaner will help you end up with the right product.

  • Flooring type: If you’ve got tile or hardwood flooring, a canister vacuum cleaner would be your best bet. They typically come with various attachments to facilitate different cleaning tasks. If your house has lots of carpeting, particularly in large halls, you should buy an upright vacuum cleaner. In case you’ve got a combination of both hard floors and carpeting, be sure to check features like suction control and height adjustment. If you need to clean tricky locations such as car interiors, sofa upholstery, etc, you should buy a handheld vacuum cleaner.
  • Runtime: Runtimes vary drastically from one vacuum cleaner to the other. Some models offer up to 60 minutes for cleaning the entire house thoroughly while some others run for 30 minutes for speedy tidy-ups. Be sure to assess your average requirement.
  • Cyclonic suction: Vacuum cleaners with multi-cyclonic technology are able to separate dirt and dust particles from the air. It not only helps you clean the house thoroughly but quickly as well.
  • Corded or cordless: Corded vacuum cleaners not only get tangled sometimes making the cleaning task a difficult one but are difficult to store as well due to the cord’s length. Contrarily, cordless products offer easy manoeuvrability and save you from storage hassles.

Tips for maintaining your vacuum cleaner

By keeping your vacuum cleaner in great working condition, you can avoid expensive repairs and ensure it lasts longer. First of all, regularly clean the bags, which collect the dirt, based on how frequently you use it and the amount of dirt it has gathered. Second, clean the filter thoroughly to maintain the product’s suction power. Third, inspect the hose regularly and ensure that there’re no obstructions to improve your vacuum cleaner’s overall efficiency. Finally, never use the appliance with damaged parts as those may lead to severe injuries or hazards.

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