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Best Glemgas Cooking Ranges In UAE

Being born from Modena, Italy, this brand boasts of being at least 50 years old in the game of cooking products since its inception by three close friends because they wanted to beautify and simplify the culinary processes.



So they created gas operated heaters and chimneys but with time they realized they have to get into R&D and with dedication they created the best in class cooker range product for which they are now known in 50 countries and they still hold the title of being the highest seller of cooking range in Italy.


Glemgas Cooking Range

With the onset of the modular kitchen that is aesthetically very pleasing to the eye as well as saves a lot of space as to a conventional kitchen, a cooking range is a must to save even more space and time in preparation of food. And when you are really thinking of bringing home this kind of product, then why not to bring a market leader in cooking range product? Glemgas will be the answer to every question.

With products like 1126AL6611GIFS, you will get the peace of mind that you always wanted as it is packed with features like 33 percent less heat generation which has been certified as Euro Class to norms. More over its uniquely coated interior with titanium enamel helps you to keep your interior of the oven clean and shiny for years. With 4 burners and a stainless steel outer body it’s easy to cook and easy to clean any spills that might have happened.

Moreover, the 1126UN9612GIFSG, is a big brother of the previous one. Except from being slightly bigger with gas powered 5 burners and a little bigger oven size rest all the features are very similar to the last one. So those who want to cook a bigger cake or want a little more of those delicious kebabs, this is your product to chose.


If you would be able to view all the information about your dream product right to the details of pricing difference and delivery date variations, wouldn’t it be great? We know the answer and it is WOWLYST.COM. It also shows the ricing difference from all the major players from the online market of UAE like Carrefour.com, sharafdg.com, jumbo.com and the like. You will be able to get all the information in a single window about your product. So go ahead and shop fearlessly.

 Relevance and other Information of the Brand Glemgas in Dubai, UAE Market

Already it has become the market leader in UAE since its penetration in 1975. So, you don’t have to worry about the durability of this product. Confused about which one to select? You can go by the popular choice 1126AL6611GIFS, 1126UN9612GIFSG, and AL9612GIFSC.

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