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Best Daewoo Refrigerators in UAE

Daewoo – The Brand

Daewoo Refrigerators

Founded on March 22, 1967, by Kim Woo-Choong, Daewoo Group has come a long way in establishing the trust of consumers on its products. The UAE market is dominated by this brand irrespective of the type of product or its model being talked about. People trust the brand and the customer-friendly features they exhibit.

Daewoo Refrigerators

Its refrigerators may not be much known globally but consumers who use them know how beneficial and convenient they are for use. These are available in different shapes and sizes. The requirements of consumers depend on several factors, including the price and place available for accommodating a new system in their household. These refrigerators are available in several designs, including French door, side-by-side door, top freezer, compact design, and also Kimchi refrigerators. The most unique is its retro style models as well as American style models. The technology used in making the fridges is the best and most advanced until date. As a result, they offer long-lasting freshness to whatever is put inside it.It’s FPS-Q21DCS is a double door side by side opening the fancy refrigerator, with the massive capacity of 548 liters. It is equipped with frost-free technology, A-class low electricity consuming ability, an LED screen which continuously reports the temperature inside and allows doing all the touch control of this American style machine. It comes with two doors out of which one for preserving foods and the other is for chilling ice cubes and other stuff. It has frost-free two drawers and three shelves and automatic ice and water dispenser. A few smart scorers are its Nano silver antibacterial feature and airflow cooling technology.


When you decide to buy a refrigerator, there are several questions that haunt you so that you can ensure making an intelligent purchase based on your requirement. WOWLYST.COM is a common portal that not only introduces you to various refrigerators offered by Daewoo but also other brands.  It will let you know about the websites selling the products. Plus the prices fixed for the same model on different shopping websites are also jotted down. You can make effective comparisons based on the prices of various as well the features they offer. This way, you can ensure buying the best-suited refrigerator for your household.

The Relevance and Other Information of Daewoo in Dubai, UAE Market

The Middle East has become one of the free trade zones and hence it has become the main focus of every brand that aims at selling electronic home appliances. Daewoo knows that dominating the UAE market will be profitable and hence it tries to provide desirable products to consumers so that they stick to their brands. The online websites that sell the brand’s refrigerators include Souq.com, Jadopado, Carrefour Online, Sharaf DG Online, etc. It refrigerators is available in several models throughout the UAE, including FR-X89S, FPS-Q21DCS, FN-655S3, FN-435S3F, FN431KS etc.

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