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Best Bosch Washing Machines In UAE

Robert Bosch founded the Bosch Company in 1886. The company has an illustrious past with expertise in engineering and electronics and today, it is tagged as the world’s largest supplier of automotive components. Robert Bosch Stiftung now owns 92% of market shares of Bosch.

Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch washing machines are perfectly crafted with precision and ingenuity for pristine cleaning results in lesser time than what you can imagine. With its whole new features of SpeedPlus and SpeedProfessional range, it is now possible to attain the best cleaning results from Bosch washing machines.

Each machine boasts of breakthrough design and caters thorough wash whole being quite gentle on clothes without hampering the subtle texture. Since the drum spins in one direction, it offers gentle cleaning for restoring the fine textures. On the other side, the steep side of the paddle ensures thorough cleaning for heavily soiled garments.

The best part is Bosch washing machines are capable of cleaning soiled garments by ideally moving it in both directions. Besides, its engineering capabilities promise to save up to 65% of the time. In addition to this, you will get 10% of better drying efficiency without any compromise with wash quality.

Bosch’s washing machines have been tested on 6 common fabrics with delicate/silk wash program. Also, the company guarantees with assurance to rely on appliances absolutely. The company provides a range of washing machine models.


Washing machines have been the oldest appliances generation after generation. The basic concept of any washing remains the same, top and front loading. If you are contemplating to buy an ideal machine then come on WOWLYST.COM. On the site, you will find several machines from various brands enlisted at varying price range.

The different prices as displayed on WOWLYST.COM give you an idea about the market condition and the rates going round the market. Therefore, washing machines in Dubai, UAE, can be found on the website as presented by various online retailers like Jadopado, Souq.com, Carrefour Online, Sharaf DG Online, etc. No wonder, WOWLYST.COMm has earned a reputation for presenting the hottest and top deals on Bosch washing machines in Dubai.

Relevance and Other Information of the Brand Bosch in Dubai, UAE Market

It should be noted that Bosch washing machines are regarded for rave reviews for its accurate features and unparalleled design. Most of the machines are displayed with A+++ ratings.

The price ranges from AED 1,399 to AED 4,119 for the different Bosch washing machine models as displayed on the website. WOWLYST.COM is the best platform where you will get a host of Bosch models so that you can make your choice as per your requirements. Before buying a washing machine, you should check the website thoroughly since it serves not just as the learning experience but also a guide to making the ideal purchase.

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