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Best Bose Home Theatres Audio & Video In UAE


Bose Home Theatres Audio & Video

When it comes to premium audio gear, Bose is one of the highly respected brands with a reputation for maintaining great sound quality across all their product line-up. Bose is exclusively focussed on audio gear, and besides home audio gear, they only make portable audio products such as headphones and car audio gear. While Bose products carry a price premium, they often justify it with great sound, premium aesthetics and some nifty features.

The Journey of Bose

The store of Bose began in 1964, when it was founded by Amar Bose, an MIT alumnus. Bose had been interested in taking apart electronics and ran a radio and television repair service since his school days. He was motivated by his own disappointment with the sound quality of a stereo system he had purchased during college. He earned a bunch of patents regarding sound reproduction technologies when at MIT, which he then used for his own company.

Patents Owned byBose

Bose has many patents and proprietary technologies and has been using them to focus on how to improve the sound as it is perceived by humans, rather than blindly improving technical specifications. An example of this can be seen in its speaker systems, which often use a paper cone as the diaphragm for its transducer.

Waveguide Proprietary Technology

A characteristic feature that you will often see in many Bose home audio products is their long resonators, referred to as Waveguide proprietary technology. This results in a warm sound with rich and deep bass, a characteristic sound signature of Bose products. Its Wave systems are well regarded for their excellent quality, which can be attributed to very long and convoluted resonating chamber built in the system.

Their home theatre systems are also well regarded for providing good sound from very small sized speakers well suited for compact or discrete installations. Bose also offers some pretty good sound bars for compact audio installation. In order to suit the modern mobile trend, they have also developed a new range of portable speakers.

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