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Top 10 Open Closet Ideas To Make Your Wardrobe Look Clean and Organised

If your apartment is small and has little to no space for storage of your clothes, you don’t need to keep them piling on the bed or a chair in the corner. Instead of having closets with doors that will make your small space look smaller and cramped, you can embrace open closets. These closets can help you keep your clothes and accessories organised and even display them to great effect.

No wonder why people with small spaces are going ga-ga over these closets that are in vogue. Even those with adequate closet space in their homes are opting for open closets to do away with ugly closet doors and add an aesthetic element to their interiors by displaying their diverse wardrobe. If you need practical ideas to style your open closets, we bring you the top ten that you can tweak to make them your own.

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