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Best Brabantia Ironing Boards In The UAE For Perfectly Smooth Clothes

About the brand

Brabantia is a privately held Dutch company driven by strong family-oriented values that operates in the domain of consumer goods. It started its journey in 1919. Today, after having spent more than a century in the industry, Brabantia has become a leading name in the field of beautifully-designed and functional consumer goods. This company offers an extensive range of waste bins and bin liners for effective waste management, several kitchen tools along with dining accessories to make your kitchen duties fun, and multiple laundry care items, such as ironing boards, laundry bins, and rotary dryers. To help make your bathrooms a welcoming and relaxing cocoon, Brabantia offers several toilet and bathroom accessories as well.

Brabantia understands how most people hate common chores – be it their kitchen duties, laundry tasks, or keeping their bathrooms clean and organized. That’s why its products are designed to transform otherwise boring domestic chores into daily delights. With its beautifully designed, sustainable products, Brabantia aims to enrich people’s lives by adding a dash of fun and pleasure while ensuring there’s a better environment for future generations.

On its long journey, Brabantia has won many laurels and accolades. In 2016, it won the Dutch Design Awards and the Best Client Award. In 2017, Tijn van Elderen – the company’s CEO, was selected as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. In May 2019, the company was awarded the Royal Designation ‘Koninklijk’ to mark its centenary celebration. It’s important to note that the Royal Designation is granted to select companies to signify trust, appreciation, and respect towards the recipient.

Features of Brabantia ironing board

If you prefer to do nicely ironed attire every time you step out, you should consider buying a Brabantia ironing board. If you aren’t sure why such an investment is necessary, here are some of the cool features of Brabantia ironing boards that could encourage you to buy one.

  • Suitable for steam irons: If you use a steam iron, your ironing board should have a holder to let the steam pass through. If you prefer using heavy steam generator irons, your ironing board should come with a unit to hold your iron along with a tray or bowl to collect condensation. Based on the type of iron you use, you can choose from Brabantia’s SteamControl and PerfectFlow ironing boards. While SteamControl captures the water and allows its run-off, PerfectFlow resists leaking water via its coated felt layer, thus ensuring both your cover and floor remain dry.
  • Adjustable height: Though most people do their ironing chores while standing, it doesn’t necessarily mean you always have to stand while ironing your clothes. Brabantia offers a wide range of ironing boards whose height can be adjusted, thus letting you iron comfortably even when you’re seated. While the height of standing ironing boards can vary from 90 centimeters to 102 centimeters, those of seated ironing boards begin at around 61 centimeters.
  • Size: Depending on the type of clothes or other fabrics you often iron, you’ll need to choose the size of your ironing board. From tabletop boards and narrow ironing boards to the ones that are wider and come with round edges, Brabantia ironing boards are available in multiple sizes. Thus, you can have tabletop boards measuring 95×30 centimeters and compact size A boards measuring 110×30 centimeters to the most ergonomic size D boards measuring 135×45 centimeters to suit different ironing needs.
  • Material: Brabantia ironing boards are made of materials that let steam pass through, and come equipped with 100% cotton covers featuring a sturdy foam layer. Thus, with these boards, you can concentrate on removing the creases without worrying about harming the board.
  • Portability: Despite being light and portable, Brabantia ironing boards are sturdy and stand firmly on the floor. Thanks to their non-slip caps, they won’t slip or collapse accidentally, thus making your ironing process easier and faster.
  • Safety and durability: Brabantia ironing boards are extremely safe to use. They are so sturdy that you may end up thinking they’re an ironing table. Once you invest in one of these ironing boards, they’ll be your faithful companion for years to come. Brabantia has great faith in its ironing boards, which is reflected in its 10-year guarantee and service to facilitate their problem-free use.

General tips about using Brabantia ironing boards

To ensure your Brabantia ironing boards continue serving you for years to come, here are some tips to remember.

  • Choose the right size: If you frequently iron shirts and pants, you should buy an ironing board with a narrow and pointed end. However, if you iron larger surfaces or have to manage heavy-duty ironing often, investing in wider boards with round ends will be ideal.
  • Adjust the height: Ironing boards with a hip height or waist height are usually the ideal ones to use. Boards lower than that would make you bend down, thus triggering back and shoulder pain. Boards with a height above the comfort level would also cause pain as they’ll strain your arms and neck. So, you should adjust the ironing board’s heights to suit the height of the users.
  • Choose the right order to iron: You should iron the fabrics that need a lower temperature at first, such as synthetic fibers and wool, while saving the ones requiring higher temperatures for the last leg, such as linen and cotton. This would help you save both energy and time.
  • Fold or hang them right: Unless you fold and stack or hang your ironed items right away, your ironing efforts would be wasted.

Top Brabantia ironing boards to buy

Now that you know the notable features of Brabantia ironing boards and how to use them the right way, here are some of the top products with a price tag of less than 440 AED to consider buying.


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