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7 Creative Tips To Mix and Match Wood Finishes In Your Home

Ever paused to check out those beautiful bedroom packages or wedding sets where stores bundle a few wooden pieces to great effect? Wondered how you could mix wood finishes in your home, especially when you aren’t buying all your furniture from the same store at the same time? If yes, you aren’t alone.

When you want to decorate your home over time with a wide array of wood items having various finishes that you have purchased, inherited, or found, mixing wood finishes is inevitable at one point or another. But how do you do it right? The key is to bring variation in pattern, colour, style, and texture to keep things interesting.

Ideally, you should organise your wood furniture to create a nice flow in the space with a cohesive, stylish, and intentional look. Whether you are trying to match a dining table to your existing hardwood floor or planning to mix diverse wood furniture pieces together, the key to success lies in following a few tips and tricks. Ready to learn them to mix wood finishes in your abode like a pro? Read on!

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