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Kitchen countertops serve two key purposes. They help in food preparation and support your other kitchen-related chores. So, it’s no wonder your kitchen counters are a clutter magnet and are typically filled with coffee makers, dishes you have forgotten to put away, small appliances, etc. As your focus is mostly on making your kitchen countertop functional, probably you’re neglecting its aesthetic appeal. Though it may appear difficult to strike the right balance between visual appeal and functionality, it’s not impossible. You just need some actionable ideas to get the job done, and this post essentially aims to do just that.
Before contemplating décor ideas for your kitchen countertop, you need to decide the amount of space you have to decorate. If you have an extensive countertop design that wraps around two or three walls in the kitchen, you’ll have to consider more decorative flourishes or should create separate decorative zones. In case your counter space is smaller, a few subtle décor items would be enough to make the space attractive and inviting. Read on for some simple yet effective ideas to make your kitchen countertops Instagram-worthy and functional as well.

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