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Have Fun Preparing Your Favorite Dishes With The Best Hand Mixers

Hand mixer

If you’re looking for a portable blending and mixing tool for your batters, eggs, gravies, creams, and more, you should look for an electric hand mixer. Instead of doing the job with your hands that would involve a lot of time and continuous power, you can do it more easily and quickly with these mixers. But before you start looking for a hand mixer in the UAE, here are a few important things you should know.


The key things to consider when buying a hand mixer are:

  • Design, build and frame: While the frames can be made of different materials – from plastic to metals, the blades are typically made of stainless steel or alloys. The design of your hand mixer should be comfortable to hold and use. This means you should check for grip and stability when trying to find the ideal hand mixer.
  • Power and speed: If you want a hand mixer primarily for baking or confectionery products, one with low power and speed would be adequate. For instance, a 200W device can handle flour mixes, cheese sauce, whipped cream, pancake batter, etc. while those in the range of 400W to 800W can meet all your domestic blending needs. You should ideally select a mixer with both high- and low-speed settings to accommodate different user needs.
  • Check for appropriate blades and attachments: These should match your different cooking needs like chopping, blending, whisking, and emulsifying.
  • Budget: Occasional users should choose a 200W-400W mixer that would be economical as compared to their heavy-duty counterparts, which may be able to handle a much wider range of tasks but will cost more as well.


You should always unplug your electric hand mixer before cleaning it. Use a damp cloth dipped in water to wipe the outside of your hand mixer. To clean your beaters, dip them in a bowl filled halfway with warm water and dishwater liquid, turn the speed from low to medium, and let the beaters whip the mixture for 60 seconds. Then, you should turn the device off and rinse the beaters.

You should remove any blades or other attachments from the mixer to wash them separately with water and dish soap – either by hand or in a dishwasher in case they’re dishwasher-safe. Lastly, you should ensure water never gets inside the case of your mixer or else, the device would stop working.


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